Cool Roof Tiles

These tiles are provided with a special glaze composed of fine particles of alumina silicate that are embedded with Nano-particles of zirconium silicate and zinc oxide admixtures, which are then fired at very high temperatures. This results in the surface having a very high S.R.I (Solar Reflective Index) thus keeping the roof cool.

Ideal For Indoor and Outdoor Application

This product is versatile and suitable for usage in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Robust Vitrified Body

These durable floor/wall tiles are made by compressing clay and silica to form a vitreous surface with very low porosity. They are resistant to frost, bacteria, water and UV rays. They can last longer and are very easy to maintain.

Skid and Scratch Resistant

These tiles are practically designed to be used for terrace, roofs, pavements or any other surface with high-foot fall. They are provided with a satin matte finish to make them resistant to skidding and scratches.

Cool Roof Tiles protects your buildings or your home from sun’s heat by throwing back the sun rays back to atmosphere and makes the interior of the your buildings cooler than ever.

“ Makes your Buildings cooler than ever “

Benefits of Cool Roof Tiles:

In general White Colors are considered as peace making color ,But it also have beauty of “ Solar Resistant Property ” , In Which the surface of Cool Roof Tiles enriched-of , for example, “ Taj mahal is build with full of white marbles and it still one of the wonders in the world.”, as same Cool Roof Tiles will make wonders in your home or buildings .