The Success saga of Marbonite is now a public knowledge. Marbonite entered the Indian market like a meteorite and within a span of 4-5 years it has become a generic name in the fully vitrified tile industry.

Continuous range expansion and product development has kept Marbonite Several steps ahead of the competition. Following the successful launch of 3x3 slabs, the Marbonite range is being expanded further into colored marbles using microprocessor – controlled specially imported machines-Roll Feed & Double Charge.

Marbonite lends medallion the qualities that will keep it shining close to eternity. it is the only flooring product available in the market with water absorption of less than 0.05%. This ensures better stain resistance, and easy maintenance. Which provides for cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, it is pre sized and pre-polished making it easy to lay, without the cumbersome need of cutting, and polishing. Proving that metal need not be burdensome

Marbonite Wonder Wall